NUTCRACKED cover, and pre-order!

It's really happening, at last. I'm working on page proofs for NUTCRACKED, the cover was revealed to the world yesterday, and it's suddenly available for pre-order. This is the time in the process when everything becomes real, and you know it's GOING TO BE A BOOK. 

I'm so excited for this book to go out to readers. I love it so much, from Georgie to her big family to the Nutcracker itself. I love the scary Mouse King and Georgie's best friend Kaitlyn, and her new friend, Noah. 

I'm thrilled for the cover, illustrated by the amazing Stevie Lewis. And there are interior illustrations too! Look at this beauty!

If you'd like you can pre-order now, so it'll come your way in's a perfect stocking stuffer!

Penguin Random House

It's out!

It's been about a week since THE DARK AT THE END released, and I'm just now getting a chance to pop back here and say YAY!!

It's out, it's out, it's out!! You can READ IT!! Jake (and Myka, and Rachel, and Dedushka)'s full story is there, so everyone can find out what happens. AT LAST.

I may be a bit excited. 

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who congratulated me and helped me get the word out this week! I hope you pick it up (*cough* links below *cough*) and enjoy the heck out of it!