Sometimes I picture blog readers tilting their heads and saying WHY SO QUIET, SUSAN?

But then I realize it's not exactly like blog readers are pounding on my door waiting for a post--there are Plenty of Things to Read on the Internet--so I don't worry about it too much. Besides, I'm on Twitter and Facebook all over the place! And Tumblr, though I still don't know what I'm doing over there.

Anyway. The lull is over, and I'm back at work on one of my books. I'm doing a half re-write, half re-do from scratch, so it is INTERESTING. And hard. And scary. And fun, all at the same time. All of you know what I mean.

Yesterday it finally got warm again, so all of Montana is tentatively excited about the possibility of us maybe having a bit of Spring. At least for a few days. Perhaps tonight I will even take my laptop out into the yard and write outside for a bit! *big plans*

I'm reading only classic middle-grade books at the moment to keep my head in the right place, which is (a) awesome and (b) sad for all the fabulous YA books I bought and can only stare at. But BALLET SHOES: still crazy perfect.

Oh, and I'm going to be at BEA in New York in a few weeks. Anyone else going?

/end of random update

Love! Wishing you Spring and good books, whether you're writing or reading them!