15 is a good number

It has been an interesting couple of days.

I have not-great news. And good news! And the not-great news makes the good news possible, so it all works out.

Not-great news: the release date for TUNNEL VISION has been moved a few months, to early 2015. I think this is actually a good thing for the book, but you will have to WAIT a little longer. Sorry!

But because the few months' bump put me into 2015, I am no longer really part of the OneFourKidLit group I've been hanging out in. And I found out there wasn't a new group already there for 2015.

So, being me, I'm creating one!

All I know so far is the name: Fearless Fifteeners.

This group will be for YA and MG authors, traditionally published, not previously published or self-published, and debuting in 2015.

If you fit these categories and would like to be an admin/help organize the group, please let me know ASAP (fearlessfifteeners@yahoo.com)

If you fit these categories and would like to join the group as a member, please hold off for a bit, but watch this space/my social media. It'll hopefully be soon!

Because we are FEARLESS. :)