The Fearless Fifteeners are LIVE!


The Fearless Fifteeners, the inclusive group for 2015 debut MG and YA authors, is OPEN for applications!

I am so, so thrilled about this. We have a fantastic group of admins, all handling various aspect of the group, such as Twitter, Facebook, ARC tours, interviews of the name it. We've all been working hard together to make sure everything is ready for new members to hang out together, commiserate, support each other, and promote each other.

So what can you do?

Follow our wordpress site, here:
     There's a blog there, where we will be doing all sorts of things, including interviews and special features.

Follow us on Twitter, here:

Like us on Facebook, here:

And, if you are a debut author with a book coming out in 2015, check out our membership requirements and apply HERE:
   And then JOIN US!

If you're an editor or an agent, please send your 2015 YA and MG debuts our way. We promise to be a great source of support behind the scenes, in the community, and to readers!

Be Fearless.