Terrible Alternate Titles to TUNNEL VISION

This is fun. My fabulous fellow Fearless Fifteener debut Aisha Saeed (WRITTEN IN THE STARS, March 24, 2015) tagged me in the "Terrible Titles" blog hop! 

The rule is simple: Scroll through your manuscript and stop on random place. Whatever you land on becomes one of eight terrible titles. 

So here we go! This made me LAUGH. Eight terrible titles that could have been the title of TUNNEL VISION, pulled at random—I picked the first short sentence I saw when I stopped scrolling:

1. And Still Not a Video Game
2. How Much Did She See?
3. I Sure as Hell Want To
4. And Whatever Comes After That
5. That Surprises Him
6. It's Simple
7. I Think It's Time for an Afternoon Nap
8. Crazy, I Guess

I gotta say, a couple of those are fabulous. Can't you see some of them as titles?

I tag five more Fifteener debuts, the first ones I saw on Twitter: