Thankful Tuesday: Fellow Authors

I honestly couldn't do this--any of this, any one day of this--without the support of all the wonderful other authors I've met along this journey.

Example A: The Tunnel Tour. If you go to the event page and look at the pictures on the right? I'm touring with (or planning on touring with) 25 other authors. TWENTY-FIVE very busy people who agreed to come and spend their valuable time and energy at a bookstore or library helping to support me and TUNNEL VISION. (And yes, fortunately they have fun and get publicity and sales out of it too, I HOPE!) They're amazing, all of them. This is not even counting all the authors who tweet/FB events, and come and hang out and talk and give me advice and are generally lovely.

Example B: The big example: my acknowledgments in TUNNEL VISION!

I know it's huge. I KNOW IT. Look at that amazing list of people. And I still forgot some, didn't have room for all, and have met new writer friends since!

I'll let that list stand, though, because it says what I need to say.

Thank you, writers. You cheer each other, root for each other, console each other, and make it so we can all do this crazy thing together. THANK YOU.