Crazy Ambition

I want to tell you guys about an amazing, driven, dedicated woman who lives in my town--Butte, Montana--who has started an ambitious (crazy ambitious?) project.

Lisa Edwards is a photographer by day. She took my author photo, and the school photos of my kid, and some beautiful family portraits. She's also a mom, and a really innovative marketer. She always comes up with new and creative ways to contribute to the community at the same time she's taking pictures. For example, she heard about how self-esteem drops for girls in upper elementary and middle school, so she started a project to photograph those girls, doing their favorite passions, and get quotes from people in their lives celebrating them. It was fantastic, and Sparkle Girl loved taking pictures doing art.

Now Lisa has a brand-new project: the Crazy Ambition podcast. She's spent hundreds of hours already interviewing successful women who are both moms and entrepreneurs, about how they do it. How have they found ways to balance family and work? What kind of tips do they have for following your passion and starting new things, while still raising kids?

She's interviewed all sorts of different business owners and self-employed moms...including me!! I'm featured on podcast 7, talking about how I write my books in an hour a day, all the craziness of publishing and marketing, and how I'm addicted to my planner.

But there's a TON more on this podcast. Check it out and see for yourself.

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