Thankful Tuesday: Bookstores

I spent much of the past week traveling for the TunnelTour, and most of that in bookstores. 

I am so, so grateful for bookstores. I love ebooks too, in a different way, but there is just SOMETHING special about walking into a real, live space dedicated to books, running your hand over the lovelies on the shelf, cracking one open to browse, and just looking at all the joy and adventure there waiting for you. (It also might have something to do with the fact that my husband and I both spent years managing bookstores, and that's where we met--they're important.)

Bookstore people are wonderful, too. Over the past couple weeks I have been tremendously grateful to the bookstores and bookstore people who have carried my book, welcomed me with open arms, ordered it or brought it out for me to sign when I stopped by, or are working with me on an event. I have to do a shout-out to all of you. And to the bookstores who aren't on this list (yet), thank you to you too!! I wish I could visit all of you.


Butte, Montana:
Books & Books: They are handling signed, personalized copies for me. If you want a signed copy and you're not near any of the other areas, contact them (, 1-800-273-9520)
Hastings: The Butte Hastings generously brought books to my launch party to sell, and are hosting a hometown signing for me this Saturday (February 7) from 2-5 pm. They've been wonderful!

Houston, Texas:
Barnes & Noble Champions Village: This B&N hosted my Houston signing with Joy Preble, Mary Lindsey, and Becky Wallace, and were so kind and enthusiastic. They have several signed copies in stock!

Barnes & Noble Westheimer: They have 1 signed copy!
Barnes & Noble Town & Country: They have 1 signed copy!
Blue Willow Bookshop: This is a fabulous indie that couldn't host this time, but are really fantastic. I left 3 signed copies with them!

Seattle, Washington:
University Bookstore: Can't say enough about how welcoming and supportive they were for my signing with Lish McBride and Kendare Blake. I signed 20 copies for stock, and they will ship them for free!
The Elliott Bay Book Company: They were sold out when I stopped by, but they have it back in now!
Seattle Mystery Bookshop: I was so excited to discover this place!

San Diego, California:
Mysterious Galaxy: This great bookstore--I used to go browse there when I lived in San Diego--is hosting the TunnelTour San Diego stop on February 17th, with Kiersten White, Stephanie Diaz, Shannon Messenger, and Maggie Hall. Can't wait!

Pasadena, California:
Vroman's Bookstore: Vroman's is hosting the L.A. TunnelTour March 12th, with Gretchen McNeil, Livia Blackburne, and Mary McCoy!

Salt Lake City, Utah:
The King's English: Hosting my March 20th event with Courtney Alameda, Jenn Johansson, and Valynne Maetani!

Denver, Colorado:
The Tattered Cover: This event was just confirmed! March 21st at 2 pm, with NK Traver!

Berkeley, California:
Mrs. Dalloway's Literary and Garden Arts: Hosting the Bay Area TunnelTour stop on March 24th, with Stacey Lee and Whitney Miller and...moderated by S.J. Kincaid!

That's it for now, but I will definitely be updating my thankful-to list of bookstores as I continue to travel around and add events. A huge thank you to all of these great stores!