Happy anniversary TUNNEL VISION! And sequel news...

It's hard to believe it, but it's been a year today since TUNNEL VISION was released. It's been a year of excitement and new adventures: touring, events, meeting new friends and connecting with old ones, and celebrating the achievement of my dream.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and TUNNEL VISION, whether you read the book, came to an event, posted a review, or sent me a message of support or congratulations. YOU have made this an amazing year for me.

And now I'm ready to move to the next adventure with Jake...and I hope you'll come with me! Want to know more?

*drum roll please* *ba da ba DUM* *ba da ba DUM*

The title of the TUNNEL VISION sequel is...


releasing SEPTEMBER 27, 2016.

Jake thinks he has only one more step and he'll be free: he just has to meet with Vladimir, his grandfather's Russian friend, and get the serum to stop his power for good. But when they get to Florida Vladimir is dead, and there's no sign of the serum. Then someone takes Myka and his mom. With the government and the terrifying Mr. Smith still after him while he has his power, he doesn't have anywhere to turn.

What will Jake do to get his mom and little sister back?