This was a spontaenous read: I was browsing through my library's online selection, and was intrigued by the title, as I'm watching VICTORIA on PBS at the moment. I put a hold on it, and last week it popped up in my Kindle. Yay! New reading! I knew NOTHING about it other than the title.

I really enjoyed it. THAT INEVITABLE VICTORIAN THING is not based in Victorian times, but rather a speculative-fiction era where Queen Victoria chose to make her daughter her heir instead of her son, and society developed very differently. There are smart corsets! A computer that reads your DNA and gives you optional matches! A biracial royal family! 

I found the world very interesting, and was quite intrigued by the relationship developments in the book, which I won't spoil here. I wasn't a fan of how America was portrayed, but considering the current climate, I couldn't really disagree too much either. I'm planning a trip to Canada later this summer, so I was also intrigued by the sheer Canadianness of it all.

I've been meaning to pick up E.K. Johnston's EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR for a while, mostly based on the amazing cover, but I was glad to have this as my introduction to her work.